Bitgo | 比特狗


Bitgo is a professional quantitative hedging software for digital asset holders.

Function introduction
Bitgo is a professional quantitative intelligent hedge software designed for digital asset holders
The software has many practical functions, such as automatic hedging transaction, automatic withdrawal of currency, automatic monitoring of capital changes, etc.
The software only needs one-time configuration to enjoy the huge profits brought by the automatic hedging of digital assets
Software built-in to improve risk control strategy, powerful engine with 7 x 24 full-automatic, intelligent trading capabilities
System Features
Various models: bilateral hedging, manual trading, more period arbitrage and period cash arbitrage are being added continuously
High transaction speed: millisecond level market update, hundreds of high-frequency transactions per second, more than enough trading hedge
Excellent performance: support concurrent transactions of up to 200000 transaction pairs, and bid farewell to software development
Extreme risk control: multiple risk control strategies are built in, which can effectively deal with transaction website exceptions and reduce transaction slip point rate within 5%
Comprehensive support: support mainstream exchanges and all kinds of newly launched exchanges
Automatic currency withdrawal: currency withdrawal, full-automatic transfer of capital entry, full-scale monitoring, and unattended since then
Fund monitoring: built in comprehensive fund monitoring statistics to make every fund traceable
Intelligent analysis: built in diversified and all-round statistical analysis function to help users customize their own transaction model
Configuration recommendation
It is recommended to use overseas servers for running software, such as alicloud in Japan. It is not recommended to use personal computers or servers in the mainland, or serious transaction slippage may occur due to network problems, resulting in losses, which are not worth the loss.
Minimum software configuration: 1-core 2G server; recommended 2-core 4G server; tuhao configuration: 4-core 8g.
The system uses multiple encryption technology to ensure the security of user API and other key information.
The system only forwards the access request, and all the user's access is transmitted directly to the exchange through encrypted transmission by the user's computer.
The system has multiple risk controls, which can deal with network delay, abnormal trading platform and other abnormal situations to ensure transaction safety.
Invitation rebate mechanism
Sign up and send 10usdt card.
The system has opened the mechanism of registration invitation rebate, and the number of recommended friends is unlimited.
When a friend signs up and fills in your recommendation code, you can enjoy 20% of the service charge.
Recharge rebate mechanism
Users can directly send XRP, usdt and other digital currencies for recharge, which is more convenient and efficient.
There is no time limit for the handling fee, and professional traders can recharge in advance to get more actual discounts.
When your recharge reaches a certain level, you can automatically upgrade and enjoy the corresponding discount.
The higher the level is, the larger the discount will be. For each level of promotion, you can enjoy a 1% discount.
Users can upgrade to level 8 at most and enjoy a 20% discount on service charges.
High level users will get more functions and more flexible parameter configuration permission opening, and realize highly customized trading system.